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Tag Team Design’s Logo Design Process

A web design company is more than just web design.

The job varies from print design, marketing, mobile application design, and the most common request; a logo.

Here at Tag Team Design, we have a great design team on board that have been designing logos for years, and one of the most frequent asked question we get is: What is your design process?


Step One: Research, Research, Research

One of the most important and vital steps is understanding their business. What is their company about? What do they do? Who are they targeting? What makes them unique? The research doesn’t stop there. It is also important to study the other competitors in the industry. This crucial research will be the base of creating an eye-catching, memorable logo.


Step Two: Discover

It is important to meet with our clients in person, if possible. This way, the process becomes more personal. Face-to-face meetings help the designer understand the goals and preferences of the client. As a designer, it is amazing to hear how passionate and excited clients are as they express their goals for their business. This passion and energy is what Tag Team Design tries to emulate in each logo.

Sample questions:

What are your company goals? What are you trying to communicate?

Who is your target audience? What feeling do you want your audience to portray when looking at your new logo?


A great logo is one that captures the businesses’ emotions and experience without words.


Step Three: Designing

Once we have met with our clients and have a general idea of what they are looking for, We are off to the drawing boards. Take a look at our some of our sketchbooks; you will be amazed at the different directions a single logo concept can go. After our sketches are complete and we have a general idea on what direction we should take, the digital creation has commenced. The elements to think about, such as font, color, and size will impact the design. Clients are updated each step of the way, as we progress in the design process. Once the finalized logo has exceeded our clients expectations, we develop the comapnies logo guidelines. This process ensures that the logo elements are used correctly in future marketing and will also help us build the brand.

Perhaps most importantly, the logo design goes beyond a memorable brand image, it is about expressing a business in a matter of moments, and encompassing an idea through graphic art.

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