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Free Thanksgiving Graphic Design Card Download

What are you thankful for this thanksgiving? Here is a free download of a great typography graphic design thanksgiving card! This is just a little thoughtful something extra you can add to your thanksgiving table, presents, etc… that will show show your guests or hosts how thankful you are to be sharing this thanksgiving meal with them.

During the holidays we are so busy and do not have time to create custom cards, but as a graphic designer I create cards daily and wanted to share the holiday spirit by sharing them with you! This is a cute thanksgiving graphic design project that I made to give out to family and friends. I am planning to tie them to little gift bags with burlap rope. This is easy and a lot cheaper than buying cards at the store, and you can print out as many as you need!

It is fast, easy and cheap!

First: Enter your name and email below and we will send you an email with the file.

Second: Print out the PDF on any paper you wish. I printed mine on a thick shiny paper to make it look more professional.

Third: Once they are printed cut them out. If you are going to be tying them use a hole punch to create a hole to tie the ribbon, burlap etc around it.

Forth: Tie them to candles, gift bags, anything you want, or just simply put them on each table setting. Watch your friends and family awww once they see these beautiful graphic design thanksgiving cards


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