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Steps You Need to Take When Starting Your Business – Part 1: Google My Business

There are many things it takes to get a business started and given that a digital presence is the standard now, do you know what you should be doing to get your business web-ready? It takes oh so many things to be truly prepared for your launch, not one thing more important than the other. However, there are some important steps you should take to make sure you’ve not only received an EIN but that you can actually be seen on the web or are taking full advantage of the possibility of bringing in new clientele from the web. You’ll be thanking yourself later once you’re ready to dive into securing your position in the Denver SEO market.

In the following mini-series, we will be covering important facets of starting out as a business and what you need to do to make sure you’re taking full advantage of all avenues.

Our first one today is to do with a commonly overlooked resource.  Google My Business should be one of the first things you sign up for after filing the initial paperwork to get your business started. There’s multiple benefits that come from signing up for Google My Business.

To name a few:

  1. Getting listed on Google
    • Probably the most important reason of all. Google accounts for roughly 94% of all search traffic in the world. Needless to say, that’s a lot of potential clients. This means that if you can’t be found on Google search then you’re not going to receive all the possible opportunities Google has to offer and, therefore, miss out on important branding opportunities.
  2. Introduction
    • Although content has become king, the fact remains that most people don’t have the time to sit down and read everything that’s available. Getting your listing gives you the opportunity to give a quick snippet about who you are as a business and what your goals might be. This could give you the extra edge you need to bring people in from markets you might not have thought of before.
  3. Open Up Your Network
    • By being located online, you’ve given your business the distinct opportunity to be everywhere at one time. You will now have the ability to sell to anyone in the world, increasing your opportunities exponentially, all starting with being listed on Google.

There’s are many other reasons that we could go through, but as a business owner you only really need to pay attention to the first one. 94% of millions of searches each day should speak for itself in the importance of being listed on Google.

Now you’re probably wondering how you go about signing up for Google My Business.

Start with the link below and I’ll explain the rest.


Google My Business

The steps following are really simple.

  1. Select “Manage Now”.
  2. Fill out the information.
  3. Click “Manage Locations”.
  4. Click “Create Location Group”.
  5. Enter business account name and select “Done”.

After that Google will send a card to your given business address with a code on it, which you will then have to sign back into Google My Business to enter the code for verification of your business.

Just like that you’re done.