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Responsive Design – From a Business Owner Perspective

One of the more talked about web site characteristics in the marketplace the last couple of years is that of a responsive website. As a business owner, it’s really all about saving money, saving time, and growing your business. Here is a business owner’s perspective on one of the most important marketing strategies your company should be focused on.

The use of mobile devices is growing quickly and its important that your website appears on these devices without any deviations or omissions. Why? Over half the searches are being done from mobile devices. Do you want to miss attracting those potential clients? We have three businesses and we are consistently seeing 35% to 55% of our viewers coming to our sites using mobile devices. This information is readily available through Google Analytics.

Without a responsive website, or without a special mobile application, the look of your website will not “resize” and will be very hard to read and follow. If your web site is not developed with software that will make it responsive, then your customers, or whomever your target clients are, will not be able to access and fully use your web site from an iPad, Android, or other mobile devices.

How to tell if your website is responsive:

Try this: Open your web site up from any browser. Now, take your mouse and left click at either corner. Hold the mouse down and drag the window across your screen, making the window smaller. This emulates a smaller mobile device screen. If your web site “right sizes” as it gets smaller, then you have a responsive web site. Chances are, if you have not updated your web site in the last 3 years, then your web site is not responsive.

Prior to 2010, most web developers were selling a separate mobile application as a means to access your company from a non-desktop device. While mobile applications have really become important for many businesses, most of us don’t need to spend the money to develop one. We simply need a responsive web and your design team should be able to move you to the best front end development framework for your company.

Sit down with your website designer and ask them about one of the following more popular frameworks, like Bootstrap, Foundation, Skeleton, and HTML5 Kickstart. If they look like deer in the headlights, then you need to search “web design Denver” or
“responsive web design Denver” and find yourself a good design team.

If you want to grow your business and attract younger clients and industry professionals that use their mobile devices as a way of life, then you better step up to the plate and invest in a responsive web site. It’s a “must do” for every business owner.


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