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Why Designers Succeed at More Than Just Their Work

If you’re reading this right now, you probably are reading with the knowledge already that designers are good at their work. They know design. They are successful creatives, who live and breathe design so much so, they could maybe even do it with their eyes closed?? We’d like to see.

Have you considered, though, how through the skills they develop through their job, actually helps designers succeed in other areas of their life. Let’s consider just three areas of proof this is so very true.

Web Designers Are Great Shoppers.

We’re not sure what percentage of designers love shopping, but we’re pretty sure at least 90% of them are good at it. Why? Because typically they possess what we’d like to call “essential survival skills” for designing and even setting foot into a store.


They’re Decisive. Pattern? Color? Yes? No? Based on their daily experience of choosing templates, color schemes, photos and layouts with clients, a designer can quickly (and we might add effectively) make wardrobe or home decor decisions. Also, making great shopping companions, a designer has the ability to help others make their best purchase.


They’re Style-oriented. This one’s a given. Designers are hip! They know what looks well together and best based on surrounding circumstances. Remember, this thinking process is what the majority of their day consists of. Plus, not to mention they are familiar with the latest design trends, which largely influence the fashion and product trends.


They’re Resourceful. A typical designers’ daily conversation with clients: “Well, what is your budget for your web project? We’ll work around it. I’ll present options for you based within your reach.” A typical shopping conversation, either verbally or mentally: “What’s your shopping budget?” Answer for the designer? “We’ll work around it, I will present options and help you!” Designers know the meaning of “best option.”

Web Designers Are Awesome Interior Designers.

This so makes sense. Think about it. Using all the layout principles and color rules for a printed page or for the living room. What design elements can I add that will complement the underlying design or the furniture?  Interior Designers and Web Designers both focus on two principles in their work: color and balance.  They both employ strong color understandings to be able to combine the right

colors to achieve the desired look and feel of a room. Both require their attention to focus on key elements and an overall goal for the room. Whether he’s spending hours in the rearranging process in his living room or in a Photoshop composition, the designer is home and happy!

Web Designers Are Loyal Friends.

Not only will they tell you when you are buying the wrong product based on their logo or packaging (lol), but also they’ll stick to your side through thick and thin. Why? Because they are designers. They’ve kept with their design work. Even through 10 (felt like 50) revision rounds, late night reworks, nightmare meetings with clients or the three times Photoshop decided to crash right in the middle of their project with no autosave. Yes, designers are patient, honest and can think logically. So, yeah, they’ll be by your side through rain and shine.


What other areas of life do designers succeed at? We really want to hear from you @tagteamdesign.

Article by Zipporah Schumaker