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Website Goals for your Business in 2017

2017 looks promising! Especially for your website because it’s time for a new start, some re-design and especially time to set some specific, highly attainable online goals for your business. We’ve created a list of some of the top things you should start considering now, not just to improve but expand your business moving into the new year.

A responsive design.

It’s 2017 and your site isn’t mobile friendly? Much less, tablet-friendly? All sites now are easily accessible to users their device size aside. Make sure this is the year your site is there along with them too!

Making your site responsive can easily be done with your existing content and layout.

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User-friendly navigation.

People are tired of menu bars and submenus. Simplify your navigation and pages. Make everything easily accessible.

Attractive, straightforward homepage.

Your homepage. The first (and maybe last!) page users are seeing of your website. It most certainly is also the initial impression they’ll form of your business.


What is your existing homepage saying? Or is it saying anything?
You also want to use this page as an attention grabber shine attention on the best your business has to market. The average user spends 15 seconds on a new webpage. Think of this as your 15 sec advertisement. If someone was driving on the highway and they passed your billboard, what message would they construe? You have the opportunity. With millions of online users each day passing your site thru their online search.

Customer testimonials or product reviews.

Do not skip this step. This is critical. People assume you are legible by your site but they do read these and often form their final decision to pursue working with you after reading your credited reviews and reading what other people have to say about you.

Trust is very important to build with potential customers. Using your website to build your credibility not only attracts more visitors but converts those numbers into customers! Often the testimonials page is actually the most-visited page on a site. In addition, real endorsements from recognizable community members means more than anonymous testimonials.

An SEO strategy.

SEO is certainly the up and coming importance for businesses to consider a planned budget for — as equally important as your other sales strategies. It’s like we tell our clients, building a website is only the first step, promoting your website is what drives sales. It also greatly affects the public’s view of your business.
Only customers that know you will find your website. SEO becomes essential to be able to be found on a Google searched scale. Your site should be searchable by your business’ name and also by generic terms related to your product or service.

Up-to-date social media accounts.

Along with the previous area, social media is extremely key to narrowing in on potential people you are looking to work with and they that are looking for you. Most businesses now have a Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.

If you don’t have these basic accounts set up, you should be worried. There is a huge target group you are probably missing out on reaching, who are either searching for you on socials, or are looking to connect with you through these channels.

For more information about this, see our post on this topic.
Start planning today and see it be a great year for your website! The Tag Team is here to help. Call us for a free quote today at 303.997.5361