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The Benefits of Using Video Branding

Branding in 2018 has changed from what it used to be. This probably doesn’t come across as very shocking news but there’s still a big push on social media to get the attention of people but the information is now being introduced in a brand new way that has to eventually be embraced by your company if you want to stay relevant. I’m talking about video of course. With the overwhelming rise of platforms like Snapchat and Youtube, our population has come together in an incredible way. It seems that there is not a single piece of information that you cannot find a video on now.  With all this information out there, internet users have grown used to having the ability to learn anything within minutes. This is great news for your company’s brand. This means that you can reach far more people and with this concept of instant information people will want to the best information possible, the quickest (i.e. your video). This is also important for the likes of Denver SEO professionals. So what are the different kinds of videos you can use to your advantage. Let’s take a look at the differences of the typical styles.

1. Creating Brand Awareness

This might not be a type of video that you’re going to do all the time but this can be one of the best kinds for branding.  With this video it really gives you a chance to connect your audience with who you are as a company/brand. This gives you the chance to explain what it is you represent, giving the people the ability to form an opinion of your company based on their own ideals.  By explaining what your mission ultimately is they can then decide (whether you are big or small) if they want to purchase from you and support your future ventures.

2. Entertaining

One of the most popular types of videos; the internet is saturated with funny videos but for good reason.  There is probably nothing more attention-getting than a funny video. These also happen to be the ones that get shard the most on social media and can really help you reach more people. Funny videos are not easy to accomplish and if done wrong can have a negative effect. If you do happen to have someone with the extra-funny sense about things then you are in luck. This can be a simple way of introducing information about your company or product in an easy to view way that will keep people coming back to watch time and time again.

3. Informative

This is pretty straightforward here but the idea here is to tell people about what you do, how a product works, how to perform certain actions in your field, etc. There’s many things you can do with informative videos but the advantage here is teaching people something. This, in turn, will keep them coming back to learn more information and drive track to your channel/website. Besides funny videos, informative videos are a big piece of the video market out there. Why not tap into this potential and establish yourself as the expert that can do anything in your field?

4. Promotional

Always a great way to share quick videos about deals you have going on. The beauty of this is that it will be actively moving around the internet as it is shared more and more for people looking to save a bit of money on anything they’ve been looking for. Another advantage is that since a lot of information can be given in a short amount of time on a video then you can share the advantages of a particular deal in 30 seconds what it would take someone 5 minutes to read about and research said deal.

There are quite a few advantages to sharing video content and many different ways to do so. I haven’t covered all the different types but these are some of the more general ones out there. The important takeaway from this is that video content is a great way for your brand to build itself up being that videos can be viewed (or listened) to in a more passive way rather than actually having to spend the time to read anything and can present information in a much shorter period of time than a long article can. This applies to any type of company whether you be a Denver SEO company or a Boulder construction company.