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The Future of UX Design Part 7

There are countless engaging elements that you can add to any site. From beautiful pictures to eye-catching transitions between sections, all with the intention of keeping visitors engaged and thrilled to stay or come back to your site at a later time. One concept of web design that seems to get swept aside is that of navigation bars. By this I mean there’s no real precedence put on it, as if it’s just an afterthought, when in reality your navigation bars can be one of the driving forces behind getting people to move throughout your site. An easy to work with or thrilling navigation bar can help visitors move throughout your site with a certain amount of ease. This can be the difference maker between a site you immediately bounce off of and a site you return to time and time again, meaning web design Denver should seriously consider creative navigation bar design concepts. There’s quite a few benefits to having an easy to use menu, here’s a few to consider.

Staying On the Site Longer

One of the best advantages that will come of a concise navigation bar is that it will keep visitors on your site longer.  How is this? When you make a navigation bar easy to find and easy to use this will allow for visitors to see what all your site has available and explore your content further to find what they’re looking for or to simply look around to see what all you offer. With this ease of use, people are less likely to leave being that so much more is being offered to them and your site is not confusing, therefore, making it easier to find what they might have clicked on the site in the first place for.

Hitting Goals

Having an easy to use navigation bar is the perfect way to guide a visitor. This is really just based off the idea that when someone comes to your site, they have come there for a specific reason. What that reason is can always differ between individual visitors but since they are there looking for something you can provide, provide that something by making it easy for them to find it through a clear and concise navigation bar. This is especially applies to companies that sell products (definitely if there are a lot of products); this provides an opportunity to create a menu that either list products by category or links to product types if you don’t have a huge variation in products.

Getting to the Point

This partly plays off the last point of hitting goals, but realistically most visitors are looking for something when they go to a site and they want it fast. To give you a somewhat related example, Google has started lowering the ranks of mobile sites that don’t load within about 3 seconds. This is based off the amount of people that tend to leave a site within 3 to 5 seconds if it hasn’t loaded.  You may think, well what does this have to do with the navigation bar? Here’s the point. Even if your site loads incredibly fast, what if someone can’t find what they’re looking for easily? Do you think they’ll stay and spend the time to find it or go back to searching and end up on another site that made it easy to find? You know the answer as well as I do. In comes a great navigation bar to save the day. By making it easy to navigate throughout your site, people will find what they need at a faster rate and therefore will be happier and more likely to return in the future for the products or services they need.


This one is not so much about showing visitors the way to your products or services but is merely focused on a design aspect. By creating a unique navigation bar it can give your site that extra little edge of great design and interactiveness that will keep it on the mind of a visitor far long after they’ve left your site and could increase the chances of them coming back because of the beauty of the site. This can be a deciding factor in a denver website design whether someone remembers your site or just simply brushes it off as another average site that they’ve been on.

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