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The Future of UX Design Part 5

Part 5 – Tailored Illustrations

Having your own website can have tremendous value.  Besides it being an employee that works 24/7, it can help with branding your company and increase your presence to the rest of the world instead of just your local area.  For example, as a Denver web design company, we can choose to focus on the keyword “web design” instead of just denver, being that our site can be seen around the world and potentially open ourselves up to other opportunities besides our area or even just our state. This means any business can be ever-present at any given time.  All that potential recognition could catapult your mission to succeed, all from one little website. I’m guessing most of us know this already at this point. In 2018 everyone seems to have their own site whether it be for business or personal use. One thing we know is that most of the world is on the web at any given moment. That might be a slight exaggeration but it is a pretty big number of people on the internet at any time.  All of those people on at once can mean only one thing, your brand always has a chance.

I’m not one to deny the fact that the internet has changed the world in ways that may not seem that great (people becoming more disconnected).  On the other hand, it has changed the way we do business in an incredible way. By allowing you to connect with someone halfway across the world, it opens up markets we never before dreamed of unless you had a gigantic company already. This is a great age for business (not just for a web design denver business either!). With knowing that, it also comes with an age-old understanding of how branding works.  Without being able to properly brand your company, then no one will remember who you are and all that hard work will have been for nothing.

A great way to brand your company on a site is by tailored illustrations.  Think of the unique look your website could have with illustration that cannot be found anywhere else on the internet.  By creating a memorable illustration/picture it allows for people to have a memory from visiting your website. When people retain a memory from your website, then the potential for them to return or recommend it to someone else dramatically increases.  When this happens you will start to generate more and more traffic (in theory). If you don’t know, then illustrations are more likely to be remembered (especially along those that provide a value like infographics).

The added benefit of having a tailored illustration is that it takes far less time to get what you need from a picture than it does to read a paragraph of information.  Don’t get me wrong, writing can be a great tool for informing visitors about your brand but you have to think in terms of time consumption. Would you rather, take 2 minutes to read a paragraph to get what you need or take 5-10 seconds to get what you need from a picture?

One more thing to consider.  If you’re familiar with SEO practices and increasing your google ranking, then you know Google has a tendency to pull images relevant to someone’s search.  This offers another opportunity to get your customized image out there if it provides a benefit (while branding your company). This can apply to your local area, like our pictures designed for denver seo, or just general pictures applied to your field.  As long as they provide a benefit to searchers while branding for your company, then it has the possibility to increase your rankings. Just another way to be recognized on the internet.

Overall, customized illustrations/pictures provide an opportunity for you to brand your company and be remembered for the uniqueness you brought to the table, while providing important information that someone would be looking for.  It can add to the memorability of your site in a positive way and show that you care about the importance of a visitor spending the time to visit your site.

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