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Top Social Media Trends of 2018

You may have noticed in the past few years that people seem to have become more disconnected.

This does not come down to a single generation but expands across the many generations even as far as baby boomers.  The social media age has been upon us for some time now and the further we got into the more we became disconnected from the real world, choosing to live a virtual life over the everyday struggles.  There’s no argument that our online lives offer relief from the daily grind and this comes with a certain amount of appeal to it.  Social media has connected us in ways we never thought we could, but has come at a great cost.  The more it rose the more we wanted to market it for its incredible potential and get swept into a world where we could connect with those far, far away from where we are.  As a Denver SEO service, it gave us the ability to connect with those all around the world, outside of just our local market.
Times are changing once again.  Video is on the rise.  People are changing their preferences for reading status updates to “face-to-face” videos for everything imaginable.  The likes of Snapchat, Facetime, Facebook video, Youtube, etc… have brought the realization that we can no longer be disconnected anymore and the true strength of building ourselves up as a brand is from connections in the community by showing them we are real people and not just robots that automatically post.
This means there’s tremendous opportunity for us as marketers to create all new dimensions to our brands and connect with generations new and old alike.  Be one with the trends.

Everyone Loves A Story

As you may have noticed, stories are taking over.  Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram (to name a few) give you the ability to create your own story, allowing friends and followers to view your story.  The question is, how do you utilize this as a brand?  There are many things you can do, anywhere from videos explaining ideas from your field to funny ad-like videos to get an audience to remember your brand.  Videos have the ability to captivate an audience that has specifically chosen to spend their time watching a video, so why not use this to your advantage?  Create a story about whatever topic you want that’s pertinent to your business.  Maybe since the creation of Youtube this seems like a overplayed idea, yet we’re starting to see growth in this idea again with something a little more toned-down in the form of stories.  Get those social connects up and start creating short stories to make your brand seem fun and inviting.


If you’ve gandered into the digital marketing arena then no doubt you’ve come across what we call “influencers”.  These are the people that have worked for years and grinded to get to a position that the actually can influence decision making for consumers.  An incredible feat but none-the-less, we see this is where the internet is going.  How do they do this?  There’s many parts but a great deal of this is due to their digital presence via video.  This gives people the opportunity to place a face with a brand.  If you haven’t heard of Neil Patel, then look him up, he provides a great example of what I mean.  With so many social networks coming up everyday, the ability to increase your reach is something ever-present and should be utilized to the full capacity of opportunities available.  For example:  To become an influencer that people can easily identify with our brand Tag Team Design as a Denver SEO company could post a weekly video explaining the in’s and out’s of what SEO is.  Simple videos that explain concepts to help people understand help with building your reputation.

Live Streaming

You’ve probably seen this quite a bit, I mean I know my Facebook feed is filled with live streaming, allowing viewers to comment and interact live with the person shooting the video.  This presents a lot of opportunity to actually give followers a chance to interact with you all from the comfort of…wherever they are.  Their location is not the important part but what is is that you can interact with them no matter what.  Now we don’t even have to have face-to-face meetings…well…face to face.  On the plus side too, you can have many people interact with your brand and create brand recognition instead of having to meet one-on-one over, and over, and over again.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many facets to creating a great social media presence.  All options available should be used rather than just one method but as we’ve started to see the rise in video it is better to embrace this trend and get ahead of it while you can.  This will help with connecting with a whole new generation and get your brand the recognition it truly deserves.  We’ve expanded our ideas as a Denver SEO and Denver web design company to fill this void and grow our brand.  We suggest you try the same before everyone else takes all the juice out of this great social media opportunity.