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What You Need to Know About Voice Search

On a day like today, I take the few precious moments of down-time that I have to reflect on the past.  I find this to be an important measure future success. After all, how can we become successful by not analyzing mistakes we’ve made so as not to repeat them?  Reminiscing on the times when technology was so simple. Today I’m taken back to 2002, when my father got his first cell phone. This was a big deal to me due to the fact that this was the first cell phone my family had (we had just barely got our first computer with dial-up).  I was so captivated about how I could play “Snake” on such a tiny little device and be able to call anyone in the world from where I was standing. This was the most marvelous advancement in technology I had seen since the 3d graphics of the Nintendo 64. How could this be the case?  Humans had come so far in our communication, being able to call each other anywhere at any time or simply by instant messaging each other online from the comfort of our homes. How incredible it was to live in the early 2000’s thinking that this was the space age that was only dreamed of in the 80’s.  Four years later smartphones started to make an appearance and my world was turned upside down. No longer did I have to have my music separate from my phone, I could have everything I needed all in one place! This was incredible! Again, human innovation had amazed me with what it could accomplish.

Fast forward a few years and the technological advancements just keep coming.  If we can learn anything from this it is that we should learn to utilize what is coming.  Now you may be thinking, “I run a business that has nothing to do with technology, so what does this have to do with me”?

A very good question indeed.

Here’s the fact of the matter.  No matter what business you’re involved in nowadays, inevitably, technology is integrated in one form or another.  For most, this comes in the form of a website, therefore, leads from your website. The crux of the matter is that if you want to utilize your website to its fullest potential then you must embrace technological advances because they impact how we find information (including your site).  The newest trend to take the world is that of mobile browsing and voice search. By this I mean more and more people are starting to view websites directly from their phones rather than taking the time to jump on a laptop and search for information using an easy voice search. Let’s take a look at a few statistics to show you the relevance of mobile viewing:

As an SEO company in Denver, we recognize what this means for businesses trying to increase their online visibility.  Digital strategies now have to cater to different kinds of parameters to find themselves higher on Google rankings. What does this entail exactly?   Think about when someone asks you a question. Do they normally say, “Denver SEO?” or is it more along the lines of, “Do you know of a good Denver SEO company”?  This is the key to understanding how must develop our strategies to mobile search/voice searchability.


What research has found is that when people are utilizing their mobile phone with their assistant, they tend to search for things in a way that is more to familiar to them as if they were speaking to another person.  Long-tailed keywords are rising as the prominent strategy in dominating digital visibility. For example, if you owned a restaurant, people are not searching “Italian restaurant” so much as now they are searching “Best Italian restaurant in Denver”.


Here’s a few more stats to give you an idea:

This is an ever-growing trend and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.  Luckily, we can utilize this by adjusting our digital strategies now. For an SEO company in Denver, we would start building backlinks and coming up with other strategies to incorporate long-tail keywords that end in question marks in addition to all of our other keywords to encompass a collection of many different kinds of searches.  This may seem like a lot but the sooner you start, the sooner you will reap the benefits.