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Upgrade Your Backlink Strategy in 2021

Building backlinks is one of the most effective ways that you can use if you are hoping to increase your SEO rankings or traffic on your website. 
upgrade your backlink strategy 2021

When a website is linked to another or other website, backlinks are created. Building backlinks is one of the most effective ways that you can use if you are hoping to increase your SEO rankings or traffic on your website.  Building backlinks may seem to be a very easy task, but you have to take caution with how you will be building your backlinks so that you can build quality ones.  For you to build credibility in your backlinks, you have to be willing to come up with strategies that will help you do so. The following are some of the tips that will help you build backlinks and focus on specific actions.

Using guest posts

One of the ways that you can use to build your backlinks is by using guest posts.  In the guest posting, you are to contribute free 2020 SEO content to another blog or website and the website or blog you are contributing content to link back to your site in return.   The links are placed either in the bio section of the author or are used in the citation of information in any part of the post. Since both the sites will be benefiting from the guest posts, you can count on this backlink building method.  For you to make the guest posts more effective in building your links, you have to make sure that the free content you will be contributing is of the highest quality.  You can get help from our team to help build your denver seo.

Public relations

Many people who engage in digital marketing think that public relations are a traditional strategy of marketing. Therefore, they never bother using it at all.  However, public relations could be one of the best marketing strategies and when you are building your backlinks, it may be one of the effective tips to boost your traffic. In link building, public relations helps you to get cited as a source in some online content or in the news article.

Bloggers and journalists are always looking for new content and, therefore, in case there is something that you have accomplished you only need to contact them. You may not get the press coverage, but you will be linked to articles that are related to the subject that you have accomplished.

Building the broken links

Even people who have maintained and reputable websites also have the problem of broken links.  Every link that you get on different websites is initially linked to other pages online, but because these websites keep on changing their content,  you will find some of these links breaking or pointing to pages that do not exist.  When users click on such links, they will find that the pages are blank or they will be notified that there are some errors on the page.  When you fix this issue, you will be building valuable links. Therefore, this strategy can help you in building your backlinks, but you have to make sure that you first find the broken links that are found on other websites, then identify the information that they were linked to. Once you do this, you can replace the broken links with valid links to your content.

Using infographics

One method of bringing traffic to your site is through the use of infographics.  They are also great in gaining very valuable backlinks too. Infographics are easy to understand as well as share. When building backlinks, all you have to do is select your infographics very carefully and ensure that each of the infographics that you select has unique, trendy, and interesting content for your audience.  You can follow trending topics and you will know what people are looking for so that you can create your infographics that have such content in them.  When your infographics are ready, you can now update your website and people will begin distributing them.  You can also outreach people who previously linked to some similar infographics using emails. You will ask for their feedback and in case the infographics are perfect, they will link them directly.

 Spying your competitors

Every person has a competitor. If you do not know what your competitor does to be the best you can never be the best. Therefore, you can conduct online searches that will help you know their link building techniques. This will help you learn how they are building their links and it will help you if you stole some ideas from the information you get.

Building internal links

Internal links are very important for people who have blogs. Consequently, if you make good use of them to ensure that you get as many navigators to your website as you can.  All you have to do is to make sure that you have high-quality internal linking structure.

 Promoting your content

You may have very great content, but if you do not know how to promote your content, you will not get the backlinks that you need.  You have to come up with ways that will help you promote your content so that you can get the backlinks.  Using emails and outreach can promote some of your best work.

Come up with testimonials

When you write testimonials for the website that you are using, you can also get very quality backlinks. The testimonials can earn you some links from homepages of authoritative websites.  As long as you will be a good customer of the products, you will be getting links in exchange for the testimonials. The more you write testimonials the more links that you get.

Getting in touch with bloggers and journalists

For you to get links to your site,  you will be required to spread information about your business. The best way of doing this is by having bloggers and journalists by your side.


Giving your donations to nonprofit organizations can also earn you some backlinks. All you have to do is to find the websites that accept donations and then link back to the sites that have donated.  This means submitting the amount that you want to donate and writing the URL of your website.

Get to online interviews

Online interviews are very great when it comes to earning backlinks to your website. When you are the authority in your niche, so many people will invite you to interview. When you get the invitations,  you can accept to participate in the interviews. This will be a gate pass to getting quality backlinks to your sites.

Use the content formats that are known to generate links

There are some people who have content on their website, but people ignore this content.  This is because they use content formats that people do not like. If you want to get backlinks, you have to make sure that the content you are updating is in the form of the format that is likely to generate more links.

 Reclaiming links

Link reclamation is slightly different from building broken links.  There are so many strategies that you can use when you are reclaiming links. They include:

404s links

They are links on your site that do not exist.  You can redirect these links or fix them on your site.

Non-linking brand mentions

There are people who write about your site, but they do not link to it. When you call such authors, you will secure a link to your site.

Non-linking images

When you find a website posting your images without your consent, you do not have to file a copyright notice because it is an opportunity to earn a link to your site.

Creating link baits

When you create some content marketing assets that different websites are likely to link to, you will be creating link baits. This is one backlink strategies you can use if you want to build more backlinks to your websites.

Linking out to related websites

When you are engaged in link building activities, you will be spreading the benefit to both websites. Therefore, when you link to other sites, you will be increasing your chances of getting some links back to your site without struggling.