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User Experience- Does it Matter?

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UX, or User Experience Design, does it still matter?


That’s a valid question with the increase of generated templates and mainstream content. However, is there still value in following user tested principles?


“88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience.”


“Every $1 invested in UX can have a return of up to $100 for your business.”
With the increase of technology use, could easily say UX actually matters more now than ever before. There are three key UX areas you should consider building around when creating your website:


Layout – On your website, your layout makes or breaks the visual appeal of your information and content. Don’t make shortcuts with your layout decisions. The #1 principle of user design is use a grid system. Most users prefer to read from left to right and from up to down. Users scanning the page most often do so from right to left across in a diagonal and again from right to left.


Space – Space helps break up your page and give eyes a rest from content. Space also is essential in directing attention to more critical parts of your page.


Simplification – Included in our top design trends for 2016simple design limits the amount of content you have which reduces your visitor’s stress level and caters to their short attention span.


Color – Choosing the right colors communicates your brand and website’s message. Here are some examples of commonly used colors online:

Blue. Non-gender. Trustful. Loyal. Professional.

Green. Natural. Often used for buttons and links.

Orange. Action. Draws the eye.

Gray. Modern. Sophistication. Product-selling.
Typeface – You don’t just want your user to read your content, you want them to see it! Choosing the right typeface that matches your message can help you achieve this goal. There’s serif and sans-serif fonts. Read more about typography and start following these tips


Trust – Why is this important? Especially if your site is promoting a service or product, you want to build a solid relationship with your first-time visitor that can grow into a good future one with a customer. 

How can you do this?

  1. Don’t just ask for information, have a secure, professional page where the user can feel comfortable giving it to you.
  2. State if you are using third parties to collect information.
  3. Always provide and make highly visible your contact information.
  4. Stay clear of confusing re-directs and multiple form page layouts. Keep simple and clear.


User Recognition– Do you care about your user?

Here’s some ways to show them right away:

  1. Autofill their name in welcome areas.
  2. Have personal, everyday language on your site. This builds personality and familiarity.
  3. Instead of “them” or “the” use “your” and “you” pronouns.
  4. Personalize content by tracking their usage.
  5. Encourage feedback and social media interaction.


Triggers– Set these to influence and encourage your users! Use images, endorsements, user ratings, sales and most of all a positive voice on your site that drives your user to an ultimate goal of purchase.
Read more about web design psychology here.


Consistency – Navigation is based on consistency. Why do we say that? Think about it if your website’s menus and links don’t carry across all your pages, you might have a serious problem with consistency. How to do it?


Positive Reinforcement – This can include reward systems, popups and user recognition.
Private Information – Make sure to do so with incentives, user preferences and employing an account registration for access to some of your website content.

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