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Why I Became A Designer


What made you become a designer? Was it your love of the pencil and paper? Were you an artist growing up and wanted to find a job in the field? No matter why each designer became one, usually you can guess some common traits they share and how this influenced their decision. We’ve compiled a list of some of our top guesses.

You think creatively.

We can say that the majority of the time, people that become designers tend to be right-brained. They think with more intuity, are more expressive, thoughtful and subjective. All designers, no matter what field they are in must be in-tune with their creativity. They have the ability to deliver something that is aesthetically pleasing. 

You see in more than the primary colors.

To the average person, there’s red, green, blue and yellow, maybe a few more. Not to you. You see more and more and more. And they’re not colors, they’re swatches and within those are different hues and values. So, yea you’re not average. You’re a designer!

You love patterns and layouts.

Not just in your design, but in everyday life. You’re the first person to notice how a stack of plates or the clouds in the sky resemble patterns and layouts. These everyday things you use to feed your new ideas and projects.

You feel that design is more than just styling life, it’s living life.

For you, design is not just your job, it’s your lifestyle.

You will make a purchase of a product based on their logo.

Be honest, you’ve done it. You’re probably doing it right now.

You are compulsive when it comes to order and placement.

Everywhere from your work to your desk, to the groceries in your pantry.

You enjoy learning and exploring the latest and greatest.

You collect ideas from websites and printouts and save them all in a folder or sketchbook.


At Tag Team, we love being designers! Here’s some top motivating reasons we became designers:

Enjoy helping solve businesses online image problems and marketing their services

We wanted to use our creative ideas digitally and with print.

We love working with a variety of industries and people.

Requires us to always be cutting-edge while learning new techniques and styles.

People are able to interact with our work.

We learn about how people communicate online by using UX/UI skills.

So, the question now is, why did you become a designer? Share with us @tagteamdesign.

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