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Why Web Designers Will Always Be Needed

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Web Designers.

It’s a job title that’s going away right?

With the increase of more and more sites offering pre-built templates and online studio tools to upload and publish your content, you’d think that web designers are starting a downward slope out of their desk chairs and into the streets.

Wait! Think again! Is that really all web designers are needed for?

Is creating a website simply choosing a template and adding your text and images?

If you nodded your head yes, keep reading. You may be surprised to understand better the roles a web designer can fulfill for you and your business.

Web designers are web experts.

We don’t just design using the web, we know the web.

When we work on a design project, our first step in the process is to get to know your top measurable goals for a website. What do you want visitors to walk away with from your site? How does your website encourage client interaction?

We know the latest and greatest developments in technology and how this will affect your website. We understand web based systems and can offer not only design work, but consultation for online business solutions.

We also know our web esthetics.

How do you make your website stand out online through your landing and homepages?

Suppose you were using a really great template, but then you realized it wasn’t going to work for or didn’t include a feature you needed on your site?

As designers, we can help with custom integration by adding custom plugins, layouts, social feeds and coded features to make your site reflect your needs. We strive to fit our website platforms and programming to your project, not the other way around.

Web designers are creatives.

We can beautify your content.

Having trouble resizing that image? Not sure if those colors go together? Want to best reflect your message through your site styling? Get a creative viewpoint and make sure your site is truly visually appealing to visitors that are potential clients.

A web designer follows high-converting design principles to help your brand succeed and ensure your site visitors will take action! What logo will best fit your business? What style on your website, fonts, colors, elements best reflect your brand’s message and your products or services?

At Tag Team Design, our web designers focus on creating value, strengthening brand presence and delivering a sustainable edge.

Web designers are marketers.

Once a website’s published, it doesn’t mean you’re done online there.

You have to promote your site.

A designer can do this for you by setting up marketing tools online and creating offline branding materials.

We’ll work with you to develop a plan to improve the overall performance of your website, improve your rankings for the keywords YOUR customers are using and increase the overall visibility of your brand.

We can help you identify Key Performance Indicators for your website and your marketing strategy. Specific metrics are then developed that allow you to make actionable business decisions based on real data. They can help further your SEO/SEM and help you set up Google Analytics to track these efforts. Social media accounts and posts, monthly emails and newsletters can all be created and managed by a web designer.

Web designers are online support.

Need ongoing support?

No worries, a designer can help you choose the best place to host your site online according to your budget and annual needs.

Need updates?

A designer is available for design edits, changes and content updates to your site. These are things you may not feel are necessary but there will come a time when you will need your designer after the initial website is launched.

Now you may be thinking, yes, I need a web designer but working with a designer will take large amount of time and an extensive budget.

We understand your concerns.

At Tag Team Design, we realize that most design firms and companies do leave clients feeling this way, that’s why we offer a website process that is customized to fit you and your needs, while saving you the hassles.

Unlike traditional web design agencies, we take a team approach to creating profitable strategies for each and every client. The Business Journal recently named us a top-15 Denver web design agency. Request your free quote from us today and find out why, obligation-free. We look forward to hearing from you!