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19 Feb: The Future of UX Design Part 4

It’s always interesting to contemplate ideas when it comes to grabbing someone’s attention on a site. Truth is, there is no specific way to get someone’s attention. There are many combinations but as per experience, one I find to be incredibly effective is using color clashing.


12 Jan: The Future of UX Design Part 3

You spent countless hours constructing the perfect work of art that would rival the works of Picasso.  Cue microinteractions.  These subtle hints in any design keep users moving forward and satisfied until the end.


02 Jan: The Future of UX Design Part 2

In 2017, we see an old concept emerging…that of minimalism.  The sheer power of minimalism is starting to be reacquainted into the repertoire of designers (web designers and graphic designers alike).  By sheer power, we find that less is truly more.


04 Dec: The Future of UX Design Part 1

The future is here…or at least it’s starting to finally come to fruition.  360 VR technology.  We are yet to be at the point of this futuristic technology being integrated into everyday life, but it’s exciting to think about.  Especially as designers, the possibilities are endless.


15 Nov: Tech & Business

The first idea that strikes me is that it changes like the seasons, with new products and softwares coming out every few months.  The next big thing is always around the corner.  To me, this is an incredible feat but shows that when it comes to being successful in the industry, there is a lot to be considered.


21 Sep: SEO and the Great Divide

Motivated by a relentless drive and passion to defeat this SEO monster, I kept pushing forward to find the answers to which I sought.  I prodded the minds of those around me or who had experience in this department, holding on to the slight hope that I would someday come to understand this incredible enigma of the universe.